Our Moving Packs are the perfect solution for your move, whether small or large. They include double wall moving boxes and a range of accessories.

Large Moving Pack with House Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies

house moving boxes in large moving pack30 boxes for moving are included in our large moving pack to make your large house move more convenient and less frustrating! Including 30 strong cardboard packing boxes of varying sizes and 4 wardrobe boxes with rails, along with a range of packing supplies, it’s got everything you need.

Our tough and durable cardboard boxes will provide top protection to your belongings throughout the moving process. Made entirely of double-walled cardboard, the boxes in this pack are strong whilst being environmentally-friendly as they are 100% biodegradable, being glued not stapled. They are flat-packed for quick and easy assembly – and can be stored for future use.

This pack is just £98.40 - with FREE standard delivery. *Mainland UK

house moving boxes in large moving pack

Packing for a large family can be quite tedious. Not only will you worry about packing a lot of things, you will also have to work out the number and type of cardboard cartons / boxes you need. Our large moving pack takes the stress out of this by providing you with a generous variety of cardboard boxes and moving materials – and is supplied to you with free delivery!*

We provide you with the following boxes for moving: 10 large 18x18x20", 10 standard-sized 18x18x12", 10 small 12x12x12", and 4 wardrobe boxes – making a total of 34 containers for moving house. To help you with your wrapping, we include bubble wrap, packs of clean newspaper off-cuts and acid free tissue paper, and a roll of printed tape with the text 'FRAGILE' on it.  Moving supplies wouldn’t be complete without packing tape so we have added at no extra cost 2 rolls of strong brown tape, a nifty tape dispenser and a marker pen.

All of these moving packing supplies have been carefully put together to answer different packing needs. The wardrobe boxes will save you time folding, unpacking and ironing your garments, while the roll of bubble wrap will protect your items by cushioning and protecting them during the move. For boxes containing your delicate contents, the printed 'FRAGILE' tape will help ensure they are handled properly, while the newspaper off-cuts will fill voids and wrap a wide range of items. Use the acid free tissue to wrap anything prone to tarnish.

Our large moving pack is the perfect partner for families on the move. With its wide range of strong and durable boxes for moving, all made from double-walled cardboard for extra strength and protection, this pack will give you one less thing to worry about and will ensure that your items are well-protected throughout.


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