Our Moving Packs are the perfect solution for your move, whether small or large. They include double wall moving boxes and a range of accessories.

Moving Pack with Cardboard Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies

cardboard packing boxes and moving suppliesIdeal for 2-bedroom and smaller moves, this generous moving pack features clean, fresh cardboard packing boxes and other moving materials to help with your move.

Simple to assemble, all the moving boxes in this pack are made of double-walled cardboard, so they are very strong and durable – you can easily store and re-use them!

They comprise 5 large boxes (18x18x20ins), 10 standard cardboard packing boxes (18x12x12ins), 5 small boxes for moving (12x12x12ins), 5 boxes (10x10x10ins) ideal for books and 2 bubble wrap rolls. We have added 2 rolls of brown packing tape and a marking pen to complete the pack for FREE!  You can get all of this for just £27.60.

cardboard packing boxes and moving supplies

Even if you are only planning for a small move, it still pays to make sure your items are well-protected all throughout the process. Our small moving pack gives you with the ideal solution. Including cardboard packing boxes that are double-walled for strength and durability, this moving kit guarantees to safeguard your belongings from dirt, dust and damage while in transit.

All the boxes come flat-packed for easy and quick assembly while saving storage space. Should there not be enough for your items, you might like to opt for an additional wardrobe box (the easiest way to transport clothes) or archive boxes (ideal for moving books etc).

Aside from the cardboard cartons / boxes, this moving pack also comes with 15 metres of bubble wrap to cushion fragile objects, 2 rolls of brown packing tape for tight and secure sealing, and a marker pen to label your packing.

When you need cardboard packing boxes and supplies for a small move, look no further than our small moving pack!

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