Our Moving Packs are the perfect solution for your move, whether small or large. They include double wall moving boxes and a range of accessories.

Office Moving Boxes and Accessories

office moving boxes and accessoriesOur office moving packs puts together top quality double wall cardboard boxes plus accessories to make office relocation easier and more secure:

To reduce the stress and inconvenience of an office move our office moving kits provide you with top-of-the-range packing supplies and materials in addition to our strong and reliable double walled cardboard packing boxes. Everything in the office pack is made of high-quality materials to protect items fully while they are being stored or transported. We have also included a strapping kit to help you secure and bundle loads together. For a small office move you may wish to consider one of our smaller moving packs.

The office moving boxes include:

• 20 x heavy duty boxes - 18 x 18 x 12"
• 10 x large heavy duty Boxes - 24 x 18 x 18"
• 10 x extra large heavy duty boxes - 24 x 24 x 24"
• 10 x archive Boxes

The office moving accessories include:

• 1 complete strapping kit with hand tensioner, hand sealer, 300 seals, 800m strapping (12mm)
• 2 100m rolls Aircap Bubblewrap (600mm wide)
• 500 inflated air cushions
• 6 rolls clear stretchwrap
• 6 rolls brown packing tape
• 6 rolls 'Fragile' tape
• 1 handheld packing tape dispenser

office moving boxes and accessories

The kit contains 40 double-walled cardboard cartons / boxes and 10 archive boxes as well as cushioning and wrapping materials. The boxes come in various sizes to suit a variety of office items – from lightweight to heavyweight to those with odd sizes. Our archive boxes are sturdy enough to hold all your important paperwork and office files. Both are supplied flat for easy storage and are 100% biodegradable, re-usable, and recyclable.

Our generous quantities of easy-to-use air cushions and bubble wrap will help speed up the packing of fragile/delicate/breakable items, while stretch wrap is great for wrapping round furniture and anything awkwardly-shaped.  You can buy paper blankets from us in packs of 10 if you have larger items of furniture you need to protect.

Adhesive packing and 'FRAGILE' printed packaging tapes – with a handy tape dispenser – are also included in this comprehensive office moving pack which saves you time and money. Don’t forget you can top it up as needed with more office moving boxes and extra materials as required.  

See our Office Moving Checklist, Hints & Tips.



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