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Office Moving Checklist, Hints & Tips

Whether you are the manager or a member of staff, office relocation is never easy. That’s why we have put together our office moving hints and tips, packed with practical advice. When you’re coping with many people and a lot of stuff, and trying to keep the business going with the least disruption, careful planning and preparation is the key. You want your office move to be time-efficient, so take your time over planning it – you may need up to 12 weeks – and reduce anxiety by helping your staff to prepare, too.

You will definitely need a good number of strong cardboard packing boxes and other packing equipment, like those included in our Office Moving Packs, to ensure everything is packed securely and safely during the move. Here are some other hints and tips that can help you with your office move:

Planning and reorganisation

  1. Use your move to have a good clear-out, reorganise and upgrade equipment and furniture. Take stock of your new location, measuring each of the new rooms and noting spaces or shapes where you can put desks, chairs, filing cabinets, plants etc.
  2. Office relocation is an opportunity for improved organisation of desks / workstations as well as a good sort-out! Collaborate with heads of departments and other staff as appropriate and draw up a detailed floor plan to show the location of employees by floor as well as furniture and equipment that come with them. Ensure that everyone in the office has their own copy of this floor plan – as well as the removals company – to make the move more convenient and with reduce stress all round.
  3. Assess what packing materials you will need – our Office Moving Pack is very comprehensive (see below), and extra items – such as archive boxes – can be bought separately.
  4. Remember to communicate with everyone: when it comes to an office move, communication is vital to keep down stress levels. One good way to do this is to designate one of your staff as a move co-ordinator or supervisor whose job is to oversee and liaise with other staff, the removals company representative and the foreman on the day.
  5. As a time-efficient office move needs teamwork, it’s helpful to produce an office moving guide and distribute it to everyone so they know their responsibilities and tasks during the whole office relocation process.
  6. Organise the disconnection and reconnection of phones and the internet, ensuring your communications will be up and running on arrival; check access and security requirements at the new premises and organise new parking permits as appropriate.
  7. Inform suppliers and clients of your change of address, as well as Companies House, HMRC and your insurance company. Prepare new business stationery with your new address.

 Packing up your office and using the right packing materials

Each item in the office needs to be packed with the right packing material to ensure its safety and protection during the office move.

  1. Clearly label furniture, equipment and packing boxes for each desk/employee/room, applying colour coding for each person/room which is easy to do with our coloured adhesive tapes. Label anything that is to stay behind, go separately into storage or will be redistributed to another office.
  2. As with any move, ensure you have coffee and tea-making supplies and equipment to hand, also soap and toilet paper and a first-aid kit.

cardboard recycling bins ideal for office moves3. The more rubbish you manage to throw away, the less you have to pack, and the easier it will be the other end. As you go along with your office move, the amount of rubbish – especially paper – will increase each day. Our cardboard recycling bins will help you handle this and dispose of it responsibly. You will also need strong black refuse sacks.

4. Employees can sort out and empty their own desks, packing by following the office moving guide. Separate letters, legal papers, contracts, etc. in an archive box so you don’t lose any of them.

5. Glasses, frames, and other breakables need to be wrapped with newspaper offcuts and bubblewrap for cushioning.

6. There’s no need to empty filing cabinets (secure the drawers) but empty cupboards and secure the doors.

7. Loose parts should be labelled and kept in separate boxes.

8. Use archive boxes and moving boxes to organise the contents of storage rooms. Separate other items according to their weight and sometimes to their shape for you to easily identify which goes together in a box. Double walled cardboard boxes are best if your boxes are likely to be heavy.

9. Only use your IT people or computer specialists from the moving company to disconnect/reconnect computers and other electrical machines.

10. Empty water from vending machines and fluids from photocopying machines.

Our Office Moving Pack includes:

  • 20 18x18x12" heavy duty cardboard boxes
  • 10 24x18x18" large heavy duty moving boxes
  • 10 24x24x24" extra large heavy duty cardboard cartons
  • 10 archive boxes
  • 2 rolls 600mm x 100m Aircap bubble wrap
  • 6 rolls brown packing tape
  • 6 rolls 'Fragile' tape
  • 1 handheld packing tape dispenser
  • 6 rolls clear stretch wrap
  • 500 inflated air cushions
  • 1 complete strapping kit with 800m strapping (12mm), hand tensioner, hand sealer, 300 seals

Extra packing items, for example bubble-wrap, archive boxes, tapes etc can be bought separately.

On your Office Moving Day

  1. Be aware of health and safety during your office relocation – have hazard tape ready.
  2. Make sure the new office plan with colour codes is posted up in both the old and new premises.
  3. Make sure your movers have a copy of the new office plan and understand the colour coding.

Do use our office moving hints and tips as the basis of your own check list. It will make monitoring everything easier and more convenient.

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